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Traditional Approach Modern Refinement. The cornerstone of Moey Inc was founded in the process of acquiring blighted properties and redefining their position in the neighborhoods they inhabit. But this creed extends much further than that, from strategies we implement for day to day management to business partnerships and investments that we see have the potential to drive much needed foot traffic into once stagnant areas. Moey Inc is THE 360 Urban Company because we understand the influence every aspect of Real Estate Investing has in catalyzing rebirth in communities.  

Urban Development

The core foundation of Moey Inc has its roots established in Urban Development. From acquiring buildings that display the Historic Italianate Architecture that the Urban Landscape of Cincinnati is known for through restoring them to the former glory they saw during the late 19th Century. Developing these projects requires a very deliberate approach, one that has led us to know the City’s Urban Conservator and Plan Examiner on a first name basis. But it also offers the opportunity to breathe new life into these once neglected buildings that so many generations of tenants have called home. The juxtaposition created by exposed brick against Industrial Interior Design elements exudes a sense of dynamism into these once sleeping giants. The culmination of our team of Architects, Engineers, and Contractors presents itself against the backdrop of Cincinnati and allows us to further redefine the traditional developer in a more modern light.


Moey Inc has a model that revolves around retaining the properties after we finish renovating them. We don’t approach these neglected buildings with an exit strategy in mind; We’re invested in the long term goal of helping these neighborhoods reach their full potential. As such, we’ve put strategies in place for how these properties are overseen. Our involvement with the remodelling process ensures all problems with the property are fully addressed, allowing us to mitigate these liabilities and maximize the returns we see from them. Our rental management software allows tenants to send maintenance requests and pay online at their convenience, so lines of communication flow freely and the tenants’ voices are always heard. With these tools at our disposal, we are equipped for managing properties of any size, from Single Family to sprawling Commercial Spaces. 


Having built one of the Fastest Growing Private Companies in America from the ground up, we understand the significance that location plays in the success of a business. Moey Inc isn’t only invested in commercial properties; We’re invested in long term partnerships with the business owners themselves. We understand that our commercial properties offer an opportunity for driven entrepreneurs to build successful companies, so we take measures to ensure we only offer these spaces to individuals who express a deep passion for their business. We take this one step further by not only offering the spaces best fit for their business but also partnerships that showcase the strategies we’ve put in place to expand our subsidiary company to being an INC 5000 Award Winning Corporation.


The impact that art has on communities is undeniable. Moey Inc puruses any chance to work hand in hand with ambitious artists looking to channel their passions to help spur rebirth in once overlooked communities. With Events like Blink Cincinnati drawing in larger crowds each year, we aspire to provide new opportunities for smaller local artists who understand the neighborhoods that their art will embody.